The Tongue River Valley Scholarship Foundation is a community-driven legacy providing scholarships for graduating seniors from Tongue River High School that will assist them as they pursue their goals and become future leaders.




Board Value
We will create and maintain an endowed fund to provide scholarships to Tongue River High School graduates where needed.  


Board Value
We will invite all Tongue River High School graduates to apply for a Tongue River Valley Scholarship, whether they will be attending college or a trade school.


Board Value
We will award scholarships to Tongue River High School graduates who contribute to a positive school environment as evidenced by their leadership, academic perseverance, and service to their community.


Board Value
We are dedicated to engaging community partners to support the continued education of Tongue River High School graduates.  

Student Value
Students demonstrate their ability to set goals and work towards their achievement.  

Student Value
Students make the most of the opportunities available to them in their school and community.

Student Value
Students demonstrate academic perseverance and serve as positive role models.

Student Value
Students demonstrate willingness to put others before self in service to their community. 


Scholarship Committee


Jay McGinnis

Jay has lived and worked in Sheridan County for the past 43 years. The opportunity to give back through the Tongue River Valley Scholarship Fund directly reflects his interest in education and youth.

Jay and his wife, Sara, congratulate the seniors of Tongue River High School and look forward to further celebrating their successes in life.


Rob Johnson

Rob joined the board in September of 2017. He is a 2008 graduate of Tongue River High School and lives in Sheridan with his wife, Emma, and son Michael.

Rob feels that being involved with the Tongue River Valley Scholarship Fund is a great way to give back to a community that helped shape him into the person he is today, and he loves the fact that he gets a chance to impact the lives and futures of Tongue River students.


Sara McGinnis

Sara has worked at SCSD#1 for 26 years as a teacher, instructional coach, and curriculum director.

The Tongue River Valley Scholarship program is important to Sara because she is a first generation college graduate. She is grateful for the people who saw potential in her before she saw it in herself. She hopes to provide the same kind of inspiration to the students at Tongue River High School.


Jeremy Scott

Jeremy grew up in Dayton and is a ‘98 Tongue River graduate. He spent 15 years outside of Wyoming (12 of those outside of the US), and returned in 2015 with his wife and new young son, who will one day attend Tongue River as well.

Jeremy is involved in various businesses locally and internationally and is proud to be a successful/lucky entrepreneur. He is proud to assist in recognizing and rewarding Tongue River students for their talent and hard work.


Pete Kilbride

Pete Kilbride has worked in SCSD#1 since 2006 as a counselor, principal, and superintendent. He and his wife Erin have two sons who attend Tongue River schools.

The TRVSF is important to Pete because of the opportunities it presents to the students. Having been in education since 1990, he has watched students go to college through the help of scholarships, who otherwise would not have attended. Pete feels that the TRVSF is a great way to reward the hard work that students have put into their school and into their community.


Jeremy Smith

Jeremy has been the Business Manager for Sheridan County SD #1 since 2003. He is also a Dayton Volunteer Firefighter because he believes in giving back to his community.

Jeremy and his wife Kami have three children in TR schools. He is a first generation college student and understands that education can open doors that are otherwise shut to children in today's world.


Amber Robbins

Amber (Wallace) Robbins grew up in the Tongue River school system and graduated from TRHS in 1996. She attended the University of Wyoming and then the University of Washington School of Medicine via the WWAMI program. She completed her residency in Dermatology at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, and has been serving as Northern Wyoming's only Dermatologist in a 100+ mile radius since 2008.

She feels incredibly lucky to have been able to bring her children back to the Tongue River School system and is excited to be part of the TRVSF as it helps TRHS graduates obtain their educational goals.


Erin Kilbride

Erin Kilbride is the Executive Director for the Tongue River Valley Community Center. She is originally from Casper, Wyoming and is a graduate of the University of Wyoming. She has lived in the TR Valley for 12 years with her husband and two boys. Erin and Pete moved to Dayton from Laramie, Wyoming to enjoy the beautiful Big Horn Mountains and raise their kids in a place with strong values and exceptional schools.

She has a passion to build a strong community and is a part of the Tongue River Valley Scholarship Fund to help promote stewardship and integrity and empower Tongue River students to become our leaders for tomorrow.


Tammy Aksamit

Tammy Aksamit moved from Billings, MT to Ranchester when she was 9. She graduated from Tongue River High School in 1987. She believes that TRHS gave her the educational foundation required to complete her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing. She believes that all students should have the opportunity to continue their education after high school, whether that means attending a university or learning a trade.

She is married to Allen (also a 1987 TRHS graduate) and they have 3 children Eryn (2015 TRHS graduate), Kal (TRHS class of 2020), and Paxten (class of 2025). She is proud of the fact that they are 3rd generation graduates from TRHS. She is currently employed at Sheridan Memorial Hospital as a clinical nurse educator.


Keri McMeans

Keri McMeans, a Montana Native and University of Montana Graduate in Business and Spanish, has lived in Dayton with her family of four since 2003. She and her husband Matt chose to reside in Dayton largely due to the quality of education and opportunities Sheridan County School District 1 schools provide. Keri is involved with TR Schools and dedicates her time coaching student athletes in TR Middle and TR High Schools.

She believes in supporting motivated students in the Tongue River Valley and embraces the values and beliefs TRVSF represents. She is proud to be apart of an organization that provides opportunities opening doors for our communities’ youth.